Frequently asked questions

  • Why ezmove? What is difference between vendor & you?
    Ezmove is there with you right from before the move all the way to after the move.We ensure a smooth experience by having a trained-well mannered crew, dedicated move co-ordinators, transparency of transactions,tracking and timely updates.We offer resolution of issues within 21 working days which is a first in this industry.
  • If you are an aggregator who would be responsible for our HHG if anything happens?
    We would be facilitating a conversation in this regard between the Vendor and you to reach an amicable solution within 21* working days.
  • What will be the difference if we approach vendors directly?
    Ezmove is a move management company. We ensure seamless relocation. We offer end to end one window solution, a move coordinator will be assigned to manage your move and will be your single point of contact. EZMove inturn will ensure service level agreements are honoured by the vendor, thereby delighting you with our services.

    We offer resolution of issues within 21 working days which is a first in this industry.

    These are the benefits which a vendor might not be able to offer to you.

  • You say you give correct prices,but why are your prices so high?
    Our team consist of professionals, with experience in pricing department and this team has derived actual quality pack cost, line haul (Trucking cost) and destination services (Delivery cost). Based on this data, we derive the correct price for each and every move. We negotiate on your behalf with our vendors to ensure correct price is always published for your relocation.
  • As an aggregator you are not visible to the client, then how do you assess the situation?
    We have dedicated move coordinators for each move/client, our team is constantly in touch with the vendor and tracking the move. Our move coordinators are sensitive to each and every small development, update, challenge on the ground and is well equipped to handle and arrange alternatives in short time to ensure a smooth and hasslefree move.
  • Since how long EZMove is running?
    We are a 3 year old technology startup company. We have conducted more than 10,000+ successful relocations across more than 500 cities in the country. We have onboard, professionals from the Packing & Moving industry to ensure smooth operations and implementations of SLA’s with our vendor partners.
  • What's the difference between Ezmove and other service provider?
    We are a ‘marketplace’ for Packers and Movers whereas other service providers are packers & movers themselves. Owing to our model of business, we enjoy, the patronage of several packers & movers. They become our partners only after we carefully scrutinize them from a business and service hygiene perspective.
  • Is it possible to see previous feedback from clients?

    Yes, visit our testimonial page to read about feedbacks from earlier clients. You may also visit our Youtube channel to see video reviews as well as our Facebook page

  • How reliable are your vendors?

    - Vendors are enlisted on our platform only after stringent checks as listed below:

    1.Verification of Legal Documents & Physical Location of Office/Branches.
    2. Adherence to Ezmove Service-level Agreement & Process is a must!
    3. Customer Friendly Approach & Service Orientedness.
    4.Transparency, Honesty & Honouring the quoted price without deviation.
    5.Use of Standard Packing Material & Trained Staff- packing/stacking crew.
    6.Licensed and Reliable Drivers. Insured Crew & Vehicles
  • What kind of arrangements you have with your vendors?

    Vendors are enlisted on our platform only after stringent checks as listed below:

    They become our partners only after we carefully scrutinize them from a business and service hygiene perspective. We evaluate their performance and service after every move and have regular reviews with them.
    Since, we have multiple packers & movers with us, it automatically induces each vendor to perform their best to stay on our platform and get more business.
    We charge a nominal ‘Move Management Fee’ for each move and rest of the amount is paid to the vendor. We have an ‘escrow’ account which allows us to control payments made to vendors incase of any service issues during the move. That induces the vendors to offer better services and resolve issues if any quickly.
  • What's your control on your service partner/vendor?

    We have an ‘escrow’ account for each move where we hold the payment for each move till it is completed. Only after that do we release the payment to the vendor.

    We also take a refundable security deposit from the vendor which, as a last resort, is used by us to resolve any issues which happen during the move.

    We also have a ‘move’ evaluation after every move and we regularly share the feedback with the vendor. Each ‘not-upto-the-mark’ service affects the business that the vendor might get from us.

  • What kind of packaging material is used ?


    We use specialized packing techniques to take care of different items:


    1. Soft packing materials protect polished surfaces.
    2. Padded kraft paper covers exterior of piece.
    3. Boxed in cardboard for stronger support where needed.
    4. Fragile items are crated, as necessary at additional cost.

    Small fragile items

    From glassware to china, large or small, each item is individually wrapped, cushioned and carefully boxed prior to shipment.

    Large fragile items

    1. Tissue and corrugated bubble wrap for added protection
    2. Contour packing allows for safer handling and space-efficient loading
    3. Custom crating provides maximum protection where needed.
  • What's the size of cartons utilized?

    There are 3 types of cartons used.

    1. Books carton, smaller in dimension as books become too heavy to be carried.
    2. Clothes carton, flat bedded where clothes can be stacked unruffled.
    3. Kitchen Cartons, for crockery, cutlery and utensils. For Crockery, news print wrap and roll would be protection prior to being put into the cartons.
    Some general purpose cartons and moving box sizes available at any moving company or box.
  • What kind of trucks are used for intercity move?

    There are 2 types of trucks used whie moving Household goods.

    1. Closed body container trucks.
    2. Tarpaulin covered trucks.

    They come in different sizes starting from 17 feet to 32 feet.

  • Is it possible to track my shipment?
    Yes, Ezmove sends you regular updates about the current status of your shipment through sms and email
  • How will I get the updates on my shipment?
    You can call your dedicated Move Coordinator for the same and he will give you the latest available updates about your shipment.
  • Can i pack any of my items myself?
    Sure, you can pack your items yourself but the moving team that will visit your home specialises in packing, stacking and storage and understanding various packing needs and challenges. For example, clothes need to be packed in a different way than crockery. So we would suggest you let our team do the packing.
    The only exception is valuables like Watches, Jewelry,Laptops, Tablets, Phones, Collectible Pens, Perfumes, Silverware and other expensive curios should be packed by you and marked as PBO (packed by owner).
  • I want my Vehicle to be loaded in front if me, is it possible?
    Car Carrying containers, the ones that move the new cars of Maruti, Hyundai etc are used to move your vehicle. These are huge and stationed mostly on the outskirts of any city. Yes, you can accompany the driver or you can drive down your vehicle at the loading point in your city.
  • How early should I proceed to select mover for my relocation?
    You can start as early as 3 months before the move so that you have enough time on your hands to plan things properly.
  • Is there any item prohibited to relocate?
    1. Aerosol cans / sprays
    2. Explosives, Fireworks / Christmas Crackers, Radioactive Materials, Deactivated or Replica Weapons and Munitions / Firearms, Swords, Axe, Chainsaw, Anything with a blade larger than 1.5 inches / Weapons
    3. Dry Ice
    4. Engines / Generators / Gearboxes or any part containing or having contained oil/petrol unless flushed through
    5. Fire Extinguishers
    6. Gold & Silver, Jewellery including Watches
    7. Hazardous materials eg Paint / Adhesives / Chemicals / Flammable resins/ solvents/ liquids / Compressed Air & Empty cylinders / Items containing any gases - See Also Household goods